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Tom Ndahiro


“RWANDA 1994: The Role of the Mass Media in Mass Murders”


Tom Ndahiro heads the Department of Civil and Political Rights in the Rwandan National Human Rights Commission of Rwanda, a position to which he was elected by the Rwandan Parliament in 1999. A career journalist, for 8 years he served as the information officer with Tanzania’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.  From 1990-4, he worked in the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) in the department of information. He also participated in the peace negotiations between the RPF and the government of Rwanda as the spokesperson.


After the genocide of 1994, Ndahiro joined the Rwanda Information Authority (ORINFOR), a national organization, which owns and runs the national radio, television and print media. With ORINFOR, Ndahiro held various positions, including External Relations Officer and Head of the Department of Rural Communication. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the Kinyarwanda weekly, IMVAHO NSHYA, before being elected to the HRC.


Tom Ndahiro was inside the country before, during and after the genocide. His analysis of the role of the mass media in the mobilization for genocide is unusual for its first-hand experience. His visit to Bard happens thanks to the generous suggestion of Isidore Munyakazi, former Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations from Rwanda, who will introduce him. Bard’s Africana Studies Program is cosponsoring the talk.

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