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If you are interested in the Human Rights Project’s internship program, click here

Travel reimbursement

The Human Rights Project has some funds allocated for covering the travel costs of students hoping to attend conferences or other relevant academic events outside of Bard. If interested, please email [email protected] prior to making plans

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If you want to work as a research assistant at the Human Rights Project, or you’re interested in getting involved with Human Rights Radio, send an email to [email protected]

Bard Immigration Coalition 
Formally known as Organizing for Undocumented Students’ Rights (OUSR), Bard Immigrant Coalition continues the original mission of OUSR to promote the rights of undocumented students on Bard’s campus, in the Hudson Valley, and to follow the national movements on immigrants rights. However, we now seek to expand our efforts in fundraising and raising awareness of the broader issue of immigration in the United States.
The Draft:
a student human rights journal at Bard
“As a student-collective we are both a print and online publication and a community of activists, organizers, aspiring journalists, and artists.”
The Draft is a student publication interested in disseminating inter-disciplinary approaches to questions of human rights. Our goal is to provide a space where student work pertaining to both international and local issues of social, political, economic and cultural inequality can be shared with a larger audience. We are a student organization with a unique horizontal structure and we seek to incorporate collaborations of all kinds on campus. We hope to provide a space where radical politics on campus can flourish and where student work can leave the classroom and enter a space of peer engagement and conversation.
Contact Austin Dilley, Editor of the Draft ([email protected])  for more information or to submit to the journal.
Human Rights Radio


Publications Accepting Undergraduate Submissions

Columbia University Journal of Politics and Society

The Dualist: Stanford’s Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy

Hemispheres: The Tufts University Journal of International Affairs (accepts articles and photography)

World Outlook: Dartmouth College’s Undergraduate Journal of International Affairs

Intersection: A Journal of the Comparative History of Ideas


Stadium: The Student Journal of Political Science

Righting Wrongs: A Journal of Human Rights

The Amherst College Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Law Journal

The Yale Historical Review

Namaste: The University of Connecticut’s Student Human Rights Journal

Critical Theory and Social Justice Journal of Undergraduate Research

Valley Humanities Review

The Southern California International Review

Public Writing

Columbia Undergraduate Journal of History

Pursuit: The Journal of Undergraduate Research at the University of Tennessee

On Our terms

History Matters: An Undergraduate Journal of Historical Research

MURAP Research Oppurtunity