Student initiatives, present and past

The Draft, a human rights journal

“As a student-collective we are both a print and online publication and a community of activists, organizers, aspiring journalists, and artists.”

Photograph by Erica Newton '14

Photograph by Erica Newton ’14

The Draft is a student publication interested in disseminating inter-disciplinary approaches to questions of human rights. Our goal is to provide a space where student work pertaining to both international and local issues of social, political, economic and cultural inequality can be shared with a larger audience. We are a student organization with a unique horizontal structure and we seek to incorporate collaborations of all kinds on campus. We hope to provide a space where radical politics on campus can flourish and where student work can leave the classroom and enter a space of peer engagement and conversation.

Click here for the Spring 2016 edition of The Draft.

Organizing for Undocumented Students’ Rights

Organizing for Undocumented Students’ Rights (OUSR) is a student club interested in providing awareness about the college-aged undocumented population of the United States. We often forget that undocumented workers, students, and neighbors contribute to our daily lives but have tremendous barriers to getting an education like ours. We will host movie screenings, social potlucks, speakers, and hopefully a conference that brings together different chapters of OUSR so we can execute cross-campus campaigns. One of our main goals is to be a resource for prospective students who are undocumented. We want to push admissions to have a separate page that clearly outlines the policies towards undocumented students and we want to establish a scholarship fund to help these students pay for Bard. Ultimately, we would like for people to hear the stories and struggles that undocumented students face, provide a space for dialogue about immigration, and push our institution to be more transparent and inclusive about its policies towards undocumented students.

Conversations in Health and Human Rights


Conversations in Health and Human Rights was a forum created by students for students to connect to one another and discuss their shared interests in global health policies. Started in November 2013, and supported by the Human Rights Project, this initiative was designed to provide students a shared space to deepen their understanding of the mechanisms of global health policy implementation. [This initiative is no longer active – if you’re interested in continuing this kind of conversation, please write to [email protected]]

The 1949 UNESCO Human Rights Exhibition Project



This research project, hosted by Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights in partnership with Bard College’s Human Rights Project, revolves around the largely unknown Human Rights Exhibition created by UNESCO in 1949. The purpose of the project is to uncover, research, and re-present the forgotten archive of the exhibition and open it up to a contemporary debate about the history and meaning of human rights.



The Bhopal Memory Project

map3 The Bhopal Memory Project (2004-2007) was dedicated to documenting the Bhopal gas disaster as well as providing educational resources and updates on its political progress. [This initiative is no longer active. If you have inquiries, please contact [email protected]]