About Human Rights Radio

Human Rights Radio, launched in the spring of 2014, is an auditory platform that explores contemporary topics and issues in human rights, and includes edited talks from the Human Rights Project lectures series, interviews with leading human rights scholars, practitioners, activists, and artists, and stories from affiliated partners around the world.

Human Rights Radio, through sound production and exploration, as well as through the radio broadcast itself, is also a space to think through radio in its various forms, from its early designation as ‘teaching machine,’ as an apparatus of speaking and listening, and as air waves (‘spectrum’) governed, in some way, by both national and international regulations everywhere in the world.

Some of the topics we are currently exploring include thinking about how radio as a technology operates within the history of human rights; how radio, specifically, inflects our thinking about voice, intimacy and memory; and a closer examination of the ways in which complex narratives of violence are rendered in formats for radio broadcast.

Human Rights Radio has begun collaborations with faculty, students, and staff on a variety of audio projects designed for public broadcast through our local NPR affiliate, the Human Rights Project podcast, as well as the Human Rights Radio streaming archive.

In the fall of 2014, Prof. Drew Thompson taught a new history course, cross-listed in experimental humanities and human rights, titled Radio Africa: Broadcasting History. Students in the course each created, with extensive technical support from Human Rights Radio, a 10 – 15 minute audio essay for their final projects. These projects have been assembled into a four-part series for broadcast, titled “Radio Africa: Broadcast History.”

Human Rights Radio is also building a human-rights oriented sound library for use by members of the Bard community in their teaching, research, or production in sound. To find out more about, or to suggest material for, the library, please write to hrp@bard.edu.

Human Rights Radio is regularly broadcast on Friday nights at 7:00PM (following the BBC World Service) on the Robin Hood Radio Network (WLHV 88.1 FM, WGHQ 920 AM, WBSL 91.7 FM,  WHDD 91.9 and WHDD 1020 AM) and is available online here.