Where Our Interns Have Worked


Sagiv Galai was an inaugural John Lewis fellow at The Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, Georgia. He spent four weeks hearing from renowned scholars, activists and political leaders who have dedicated themselves to advancing civil and human rights in the United States and beyond. The curriculum was designed to contextualize the history and global impact of the long Civil Rights Movement, immigration reform and Native American issues.

2014 HRP Internship Awardees

Anarchists Against the Wall

Connor Gadek, an Anthropology and Human Rights joint major, spent his summer with Anarchists Against the Wall in Tel Aviv.

Legal Resources Centre

Tareian King, an Africana and Human Rights sophomore,  interned with the Legal Resources Center in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees

Avery Lamb a junior in Human Rights and Written Arts, interned with Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees in New York.
Merlin Vinegradova, a sophomore majoring in Human Rights, spent his summer working on behalf of asylum-seekers at the American Civil Liberties Union in Los Angeles.


2013 Dengler Fellows

Organization for Youth Empowerment

Dylan Cassidy pursued his interest in grassroots youth movements by interning with the Organization for Youth Empowerment, in El Progreso, Honduras. 

African Center for Migration and Society

Aliya Daniels traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa, to intern with the African Center for Migration and Society at the University of the Witwatersrand.

National Museum of African Art

Julia DeFabo spent her summer assisting Nigerian artist Victor Ekpuk as part of her internship at the National Museum of African Art in Washington DC.  

Epicentre, Medecins Sans Frontieres

Francesca di Rienzo worked as a research intern for a surgical epidemiologist at Épicentre, the epidemiology research unit of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctor without Borders), in New York City. 

Contemporary Image Collective & Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies

Michael Ernst spent the summer in Cairo, in the midst of protest and upheaval, interning at the Contemporary Image Collective and at the Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies. 

Smithsonian Archives of American Art

Maya Knight interned at the Smithsonian Institution’s Archives of American Art, in Washington DC.

Americans for Informed Democracy

Nadine Tadros worked as a Middle East analyst during her summer-long internship at Americans for Informed Democracy in Washington DC.

Prison Public Memory Project

Alice Weston worked with the Prison Public Memory Project in Hudson, NY 


Erica Newton traveled to Italy to document (through video and text) the country-wide tour of the Ethiopian circus troupe Fekat.

Shangrila DesMemoria

Diego Parra embarked on making a feature-length narrative film about transitional justice in his home country of Uruguay. 


Elsa Raker, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, worked on mapping the contemporary photographic landscape of Africa with the researcher-activists at Resolution.

2012 Dengler Fellows

Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs in Jerusalem

Lauren Blaxter spent her summer with the Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs in Jerusalem.

Women Helping Battered Women

Jessica Louise Channell interned for Women Helping Battered Women in Burlington, Vermont, furthering her work experience in areas such as domestic violence, sexual education, and women’s rights advocacy.

Organization for International Cooperation

Benjamin DiFabbio interned at the Organization for International Cooperation, where he worked specifically with the Foreign Relations Breakthrough Project in Jerusalem. 

Amnesty International

Sagiv Galai worked with Amnesty International in New York, where he assisted with the group’s participation in the World Social Forum in Tunisia and the International Arms Trade treaty negotiations, and helped to organize a young activist training event in New York. 

The Paris Review

Arthur Holland worked at the literary magazine The Paris Review in New York City, while at the same time studying the history of Peruvian immigration to New York for his senior project. 

Centre for Social Research

Leela Khanna interned at the Centre for Social Research, a prominent women’s rights research and advocacy NGO in New Delhi, India.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Margaret Kucera interned at the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance headquarters in Chicago, where she had the chance to further investigate mental health issues as human rights issues, a particular interest of hers while studying at Bard.

Masakhane Center

Madeline McQuail worked at the Masakhane Center in Newark, New Jersey, an innovative NGO that focuses on sexual health and education for young adults. 

Open Society Institute

Mehdi Rahmati, who came to Bard from Afghanistan, worked at the Open Society Institute’s South Asia Division in New York City, where he conducted research for his senior project on transitional justice in Afghanistan.


Sarah Stern worked at Encounter, an NGO founded by American rabbis as a conflict transformation organization, helping to equip influential Jewish leaders from across the political and ideological spectra with access to Palestinian perspectives and claims on the ground. 

Jerusalem Archaeological Studies Unit

Nadine Tadros interned with the Jerusalem Archaeological Studies Unit at Al Quds University in Abu Dis.

2011 Internship Award Recipients

Beatrice Ajearo, Public Policy Center of Mississippi 

Farah Akhtar, Indus Hospital Research Center

Cosie Andujar, Research Assistant to Alexandra Cox, Soros Justice Fellow, Organizational Change in Juvenile Justice Project

Jasmine Araujo, East Bay Sanctuary Covenant

Kyle Gipson, Texas Civil Rights Project

Abigail Guyton, SALT Gallery

Jessica Zerrin Holle, Human Rights Foundation of Turkey

Mehdi Rahmati, Human Rights Watch

Kay Schaffer, Global Justice Center

Colin White, Prakriti FM, Federation of Community Forest Users

Marina Lazetic, Crimes of War Project and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

2010 Internship Award Recipients

Nora Palandjian, UMAM Beirut

Ada Petiwala, Turkish Policy Quarterly

Isabel Barber, Safe Horizon

Elias Isquith, Center for Constitutional Rights

Christeena Chikrakar, SAATHI Kathmandu

Sadaf Hasaon, SAATHI Kathmandu

Margaret Jennings, Save the Children

Zachary Israel, Office of US Rep. Rush Holt (Dem, NJ-12)

Dhana Hamal, National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI)

Sabrina Osmany, Pakistan Mission to the United Nations

2009 Internship Award Recipients


Daniel Decker, Center for Health, Environment & Justice

Caroline Friedman, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Simon Glenn, Cluster Munition Coalition

Anneka Olson, Somos un Pueblo Unido 

Stephanie Urugutia, Instituto Guatemalteco de Seguridad Social

Kyla Wasserman, Masakhane Center

Anne Vachon, Bronx Defenders

Pisie Hochheim. Schenectady County Human Rights Commission


2008 Internship Award Recipients

Cassie Cornell, Dissent

Nina Feldman, Central American legal Assistance

Rebecca Goldberg, Rena le Lona

Nicole Nummerlin, Public Interest Law Initiative, New York

Laura Villegas, Make the Road

Jamie Bricmont, Public Interest Law Initiative, Budapest

Carolyn Lazard, Mitra Alam

Alana Heath, Joybells Orphanage

Taliesin Gilkes-Bower, Green Architecture