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Sara Flounders


Sara Flounders has been active in progressive and anti-war organizing since the 1960s. She is co-director of the International Action Center and co-authored and/or edited 10 books the IAC published on U.S. wars and sanctions against Iraq and Yugoslavia, on U.S. use of depleted uranium weapons, on Haiti and Colombia, and on opposing military recruiters. She writes regularly for the Marxist Workers World newspaper, and speaks on U.S. imperialist aggression on alternative and corporate media outlets. She helped coordinate major International War Crimes Tribunals to document the U.S. planned destruction of Iraq and Yugoslavia and a Tribunal on earlier U.S. crimes in Korea.

Many dedicated activists know Flounders from her organizing of mass meetings, major antiwar rallies, and international campaigns and via internet and videos. She says, “My goal is to build confidence in the potential of powerful grassroots movements as I help build a revolutionary struggle for change within the U.S.”

Flounders organized delegations to Iraq during the years when rigorous sanctions starved Iraq’s people following the massive destruction of the 1991 U.S. war. She participated in mass outpourings against U.S. occupation in the Philippines and South Korea. She traveled to Sudan after a U.S. missile barrage destroyed a pharmaceutical complex, to Yugoslavia during 78 days of NATO bombing to expose the hospitals, schools and market places destroyed. She has visited Syria and Iran and organized delegations to Lebanon, to expose Israel’s destruction of entire villages with U.S. supplied weapons. She traveled several times to Gaza where the population stands steadfast through decades of displacement and occupation.

In the U.S. she has built solidarity with many political prisoners and focused attention on the growing racism, mass incarceration, political repression and austerity that is linked to the ever expanding encroachment of militarism into all aspects of U.S. society.

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