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Richard Dicker


Richard Dicker is the Associate Counsel, and director of the International Justice Project at Human Rights Watch, where he is also director of the campaign for an International Criminal Court. He has worked there as associate counsel for advocacy on human rights trends in China and U.S.-Sino policy since 1993.  He led the Human Rights Watch delegation to the Rome Diplomatic Conference in 1998, where the ICC was created. He was the director of the Committee to End the Chinese Gulag from 1991-1993, and of Africa Watch from 1990-1991. His recent work has focused on post-conflict justice in Iraq, former-Yugoslavia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He knows more about the contemporary movement for international criminal justice than almost anyone else in the United States.


He spoke on current issues and challenges in strengthening the “system” of international justice, Iraq, the former-Yugoslavia and the first cases at the International Criminal Court.

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