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Renee Bergan’s “Sadaa E Zan: Women’s Voices from Afghanistan”

“Screening of Sadaa E Zan: Women’s Voices from Afghanistan


While visiting Afghanistan in 2002 as part of a women’s delegation, filmmaker Renee Bergan brought out her digital camera and interviewed a number of Afghani women regarding their roles and treatment under the recently deposed Taliban regime, as well as their hopes and dreams for the future. Her resulting film, Sadaa E Zan: Voices of Women, illustrates the hardships and injustice Afghan women have endured for the better part of the past quarter century. Filmed primarily in Afghani refugee camps in the capital city of Kabul and neighboring Pakistan, Bergan’s interview subjects recall underground schools for women — as education for them was forbidden under the Taliban — as well as an extremely primitive health care that provided virtually no specialized care for the female population. Sadaa E Zan: Voices of Women was a competing entry in the 2003 Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where it won the Social Justice Award for Documentary Film.

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