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Mercedes (Mimi) Doretti’s Following Antigone


“Screening of the documentary Following Antigone


Mimi Doretti is a co-founder of the Equipo Argentino de Antropologia Forense (E.A.A.F), an organization that applies forensic science to human rights investigations worldwide.

The team was established in 1984 to investigate the cases of disappeared people in Argentina. Doretti is currently based in New York City, where she continues her work as an expert in forensic science, but the need for her expertise takes her all over the globe. She has traveled extensively to train other scientists, members of local judiciary and human rights activists in the application of forensic sciences to the investigation of human rights.

Following Antigone is a 40-minute documentary about the work of the EAAF, made in collaboration with WITNESS in 2002 – and largely edited by Matthew Aho, Bard ’02. The documentary covers the entire process of investigation, including historical, archaeological, and laboratory methods, testimonies of relatives of the victims, and reburial ceremonies of the remains of their loved ones many years after they died.

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