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Marcelo Brodsky


“On memory, disappearance, and human rights”


Marcelo Brodsky is an internationally renowned artist and human rights activist now based in Buenos Aires after many years in exile in Barcelona, where he trained in the 1980s at the International Centre of Photography.


In 1997, he edited and exhibited for the first time the photographic essay Buena Memoria (Good Memory) based on the effects of state terrorism in Argentina. The work has been presented countless times around the world over the last dozen years. In 2005, Brodsky edited Memory Under Construction, gathering art and texts that deal with the issues of representation of state terrorism and the debate on the ESMA (Navy Mechanics Schoool, the dictatorship’s torture center) as a museum of memory. He has published a number of other books, including the remarkable Visual Correspondences, and he also runs Latinstock, the premier photo agency in Latin America.


Brodsky is a member of the Buena Memoria Human Rights organization and the Pro-Monument to the Victims of State Terrorism Commission, which supervises and coordinates the construction of the Memory Park close to the Rio de la Plata and of the Monument to the missing and murdered during the military dictatorship. He says that his “mnemonic work seeks to communicate to the new generations the experience of the state terrorism in Argentine in a specific way, based on emotion and sensory experience, such that the transmission of it will generate a real and profound knowledge based on dialogue among the different generations affected by the consequences of the military dictatorship.”

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