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The Law in These Parts – Screening and Discussion

On Sunday October 20th, acclaimed Israeli filmmaker Ra’anan Alexandrowicz will screen and discuss his recent film “The Law in These Parts,” winner of the Best Documentary Award at the Sundance and Jerusalem Film Festivals.

The Law in These Parts is a tour-de-force examination of the system of military administration used by Israel since the Six Day War of 1967 — featuring the system’s leading creators. In a series of thoughtful and candid interviews, Israeli judges, prosecutors and legal advisers, who helped devise the occupation’s legal framework, paint a complex picture of the Middle East conflict and the balance among political interests, security and human rights that has come with it. Winner, World Cinema Jury Prize: Documentary, 2012 Sundance Film Festival.
You can watch the trailer here.

“The Law in These Parts presents a devastating case against the occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Investigating the legal system in the occupied territories, the film is fundamentally an inquiry into justice. It makes a forceful argument: Justice and the occupation are incompatible.” – The New York Times

“This film successfully depicts the dense, crushing absurdities of Israel’s military rule in a way that words don’t always manage.” – The Guardian

“The Law in These Parts more than accomplishes its goal of provoking a discussion about imposing laws on people who have no say in making them.” – The New York Post

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