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Judith Butler


“Punishment: Human or Inhumane?”


Judith Butler is an American post-structuralist philosopher, who has contributed to the fields of feminist philosophy, queer theory, political philosophy, and ethics. She is a professor in the Rhetoric and Comparative Literature departments at the University of California, Berkeley, and is also the Hannah Arendt Professor of Philosophy at the European Graduate School. Butler received her PhD in philosophy from Yale University in 1984, for a dissertation subsequently published as Subjects of Desire: Hegelian Reflections in Twentieth-Century France. In the late 1980s she held several teaching/research appointments, and was involved in “post-structuralist” efforts within Western feminist theory to question the “presuppositional terms” of feminism. Considered “one of the most influential voices in contemporary political theory” and as “one of the most influential feminist theorists” today, she is best known for her seminal work Gender Trouble.

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