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Jon Rubin & Yuri Khashchevatsky


Jon Rubin is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores the social dynamics of public spaces and the lives of ordinary individuals. His solo and collaborative projects include creating a game show for ideas, running a gallery that only presents exhibitions on people who live in its neighborhood, opening a fake store in an indoor shopping mall, making a punk band play the same song, over and over, for 5 hours, running his own clandestine restaurant, creating a show with a 10 year old boy, broadcasting an office’s telephone conversations through a talking piano, running a neighborhood truck that gives away free homemade goods and services, producing a cable access variety show at a senior center, and most recently developing his own nomadic autonomous art school.

Yuri Khashchevatsky’s films have been featured and decorated in dozens of film festivals in Russia, Europe, and The United States. Yuri Khashchevatsky’s persona non grata status with the Lukashenko regime only adds to his celebrity in Belarus and abroad, just like it would have in Soviet times. To the Belarusian authorities, he is public enemy number one, but Yuri Khashchevatsky prefers to think of himself as a “free spirit.” His dissident documentaries have earned him a concussion, broken bones, a six-month hospital stay, and a Jury Prize at the New York Film Festival for Human Rights.

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