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Janos Pelle

“Anti-Semitism on the Left and on the Right: Hungary after Communism”


Janos Pelle is a writer, journalist, and literary historian. He is a member of the faculty at the National Jewish Theological Seminary in Budapest. His works on the history of anti-Semitism in Central and Eastern Europe include Az utolsó vérvádak (The Last Blood Libels, 1995), Antiszemitizmus és totalitarizmus (Anti-Semitism and Totalitarianism, 1999), A gyûlölet vetése – A zsidótörvények és a magyar közvélemény, 1938–1944(Sowing Hatred – the Jewish Laws and Hungarian Public Opinion, in Hungarian in 2001, in English in 2004). He has also contributed to the making of the documentary fi lms Midôn a vér… Vérvádak a holocaust után(When the Blood… Blood Libel After the Holocaust, 1996) and Kavics a sírra (Gravel on the Grave, 1998).

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