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Janet Benshoof


“Reproductive Rights and U.S Government”


Janet Benshoof is an American human rights lawyer, and President of the Global Justice Center. She established landmark legal precedents in the U.S. Supreme Court and international forums. She launch successful legal efforts from the approval of emergency contraception for women by the FDA, to the application of international rape law to ensure the rights of women in the Iraq High Tribunal prosecutions of Saddam-era war crimes. She also lectures and trains women leaders, judges, parliamentarians, and various UN bodies on implementing international human rights laws, such as CEDAW, and international humanitarian law, including women’s rights to criminal accountability under Security Council Resolutions and by the International Criminal Court. She was Director of the American Civil Liberties Reproductive Freedom Project.


In 1992, she founded Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR), the first international human rights organization focused on women’s rights to equality. She was the first president at the CRR. She previously served as Director of the American Civil Liberties Reproductive Freedom Project where she direct National litigation shaping Supreme Court law on gender equality, free speech, and reproductive choice.

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