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Ilan Ziv’s “The Junction”

“The Junction”


Filmmaker Ilan Ziv premiered his new film “The Junction,” an investigative story about the killings of three at The Junction, an obscure crossroad in the Gaza Strip, separating the Israeli settlement of Nezarim from the Palestinian refugee camp of Nussierat.

The film won the Binyamina Winecellars Documentary Film Award at the Haifa International Film Festival in November 2003. Ilan Ziv studied Theater at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Film at New York University. His films have regularly appeared on the world’s television screens and at leading festivals internationally: Sundance, Berlin and Amsterdam, where they have won numerous awards. His long list of important documentaries on human rights issues, among them conflicts in the Middle East and former Yugoslavia, includes ”Consuming Hunger,” “Embers of Change,” “Tango of Slaves,” “Yellow Wasps,” “Palestinian Diaries,” “People Power,” “On the Edge of Peace,”  “Teen Dreams,” and “Safe Haven,” and a brilliant short history of suicide bombing, “Human Weapon,” which also debuted at Bard.

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