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Hamid Dabashi


“Epics and Empires:  Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh in Comparative Context” and “The Moral Crisis of an Islamic Republic”


Hamid Dabashi, Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, will be giving two lectures on Iran, past and present, at Bard on Thursday, April 29th. Professor Dabashi has written 20 books and over 100 essays, articles and book reviews on subjects ranging from Iranian Studies, medieval and modern Islam, comparative literature, world cinema, and the philosophy of art.  Among his best-known books are his Authority in Islam; Theology of Discontent; Truth and Narrative; Close Up: Iranian Cinema, Past, Present, Future; Staging a Revolution: The Art of Persuasion in the Islamic Republic of Iran; Masters and Masterpieces of Iranian Cinema; and Iran: A People Interrupted.


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