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Film Screening of “Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo and the Search for Identity”


Media professionals at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication in collaboration with history and cultural scholars, have produced a 60-minute film to bring awareness to the world about the repercussions from the Dirty War and its on-going cultural, social, political, ethical, human rights, and economic effects.
This project is grounded in the search for identity and the “moral of the story” is that the right to identity is a fundamental human right. It will focus on the development of a 60-minute documentary film about the educational movement headed by Las Abuelas. The film presents historical and cultural facts, and features interviews with Las Abuelas and the ‘found’ grandchildren. The main question we hope to answer: “is the right to identity a basic human right?”
Visit the film’s website for complete details:


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