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Episode 14: Ambassador Theodore Kattouf, and In Theory’s Women and the Internet

*This episode of Human Rights Radio originally broadcast on Robin Hood Radio on Friday, July 3, 2015*

(image credit: United Nations)

Part 1: An interview with former US Ambassador Theodore Kattouf

The current President of AMIDEAST and former career diplomat Theodore Kattouf speaks with Human RIghts Radio about human rights and diplomacy in the Middle East, about his experiences in the diplomatic corps, including his tenure as an Ambassador to Syria and to the UAE, and about the work that AMIDEAST does across most countries in the Middle East.

Part 2: Why are people so nasty to women on the internet? 

We feature the second installment of In Theory, a new podcast by Bard Professor Maria Sachiko Cecire and Human Rights Radio Law and Gender Fellow Noorain Khan.

Please visit the In Theory episode webpage for a full list of referenced sources, further readings, and to learn how to subscribe to In Theory.


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