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Drone Warfare: How The President Decides To Kill Terrorists

Daniel Klaidman, journalist and author, will deliver an inside look at the early years of the Obama administration. Klaidman will speak about the choice to use drones as a primary instrument of counter-terrorism and the personal struggles of individual policy-makers within the administration over the moral and ethical dimensions of this strategy.

Klaidman is author of “Kill or Capture: The War on Terror and the Soul of the Obama Administration,” a landmark publication that shaped much of the popular understanding of the targeted killing campaign. The book features extensive interviews with high-ranking administration officials that reveal the internal battle over the use of drones.

Klaidman is a special correspondent for Newsweek and writes for The Daily Beast. He is formerly the managing editor for Newsweek and led the magazine during it’s award-winning coverage of theSeptember 11 attacks and aftermath.

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