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Diane Wilson


“An Unreasonable Woman”


Diane Wilson, 4th generation shrimper, anti-corporate activist, environmentalist, and author was sentenced to six months in prison for hanging a banner on a Dow Chemical facility in support of the gas victims in Bhopal, India. The CEO of the responsible corporation, meanwhile, was still absconding from India.  Who deserved to go, Diane or Warren?  Wilson’s new book An Unreasonable Woman and her talk at Bard touches on these points and more.

“For the American environmental movement, An Unreasonable Woman could not come at a better time. Citizens across the political spectrum are growing alarmed at the Bush administration’s rollback of protective legislation for water, air and national parks. This book does for environmentalism what All the President’s Men did for government reform. Watch for the movie.”

—From a review in the San Diego Tribune

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