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Avi Mograbi’s “Avenge But One of My Two Eyes”

Israeli filmmaker Avi Mograbi is considered one of Israel’s best documentary filmmakers. He held a screening of his new film Avenge But One of My Two Eyes which the New York Film Festival wrote the following:


“In this provocative, wry, and mournful mosaic, documentary filmmaker Avi Mograbi ponders the relationship between stories of Jewish struggles for freedom and the Palestinian resistance seen most dramatically in the two intifadas. High up in the mountain warren of Masada, a young tour guide leads a group of teenagers through the story of the most famous act of Jewish resistance to the Romans, the mass suicide of over 900 Jews. Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers- most hardly older than those listening in at Masada- are locked in tense daily confrontations with the Palestinians in fields, at checkpoints, and along the security barrier…  Mograbi offers a powerful, at times chilling lament of the continuing cycles of violence rooted in the past and threatening to completely engulf everyone’s future.”


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