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Amy Richards and Jennifer Baumgardner


Jennifer Baumgardner is an author, filmmaker, and third-wave feminist activist. Amy Richards is a United States activist, writer, organizer, feminist and art historian. On October 4, 2000 Baumgardner and Amy Richards published their first co-authored book Manifest A: Young Women, Feminism and the Future. Speaking directly to young third wave feminists, Baumgardner and Richards wrote the book to inspire women of the current generation to consciously embrace the liberation of today while remembering the work of previous feminist generations. Baumgardner and Richards ask the fundamental but often overlooked questions, “who are the feminists?” and “what is feminism?” They cut to the foundational questions framing contemporary and past feminist movements in order to expose the stereotypes, inaccuracies, or misconceptions that derail and devalue the movement.

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