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Gillian Caldwell


Gillian Caldwell is currently a consultant working with foundations and non-profits, including the Center for Community Change and the Bertha Foundation. Caldwell served as Executive Director at WITNESS for almost 10 years. WITNESS was co-founded by musician Peter Gabriel to empower human rights advocates to use video to create change.


At WITNESS, Caldwell co-authored Video For Change: A Guide to Advocacy and Activism and produced and directed dozens of videos on human rights challenges worldwide, including Outlawed: Extraordinary RenditionTorture and Disappearances in the War on TerrorOperation Fine Girl: The Use of Rape as a Weapon of War in Sierra Leone and Behind the Labels: Garment Workers on US Saipan. From 1995-1997, Caldwell served as the Co-Director of the Global Survival Network where she organized a two-year undercover investigation into Russian Mafia involvement in trafficking women for forced prostitution with her colleague Steven Galster. They produced Bought & Sold: An Investigative Documentary into the Trade in Women, which received widespread media coverage in the US and abroad, including specials on ABC Primetime Live, CNN, and BBC.


Prior to that, Caldwell has worked on numerous other human and civil rights issues here and abroad. Caldwell was a Public Interest Law Scholar at Georgetown University (1989–1992), and graduated with high honors from Harvard University in 1988.

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