Call to Submissions for the Draft

A message from The Draft:


By the end of the school year we are hoping to publish the first issue of The Draft, a new student publication interested in disseminating inter-disciplinary approaches to questions of human rights. We are now accepting submissions. It should be noted that this initiative is not at all restricted to human rights majors; any and all interested students should apply. The journal will be available online by graduation.


For our first issue, we are essentially looking for the following material:


  1. Portions of Senior Projects (10 – 15 pages)

Senior project excerpt submissions may be in the form of proposals. Students would submit their entire senior project accompanied by a short abstract or explanation of how they intend to condense their work to the required length. Students should be aware they are obligated to follow through with the edit if their proposal is accepted.


  1. Shorter written work (3 – 6 pages)

Includes (but not limited to) creative prose, critical research papers, journalistic accounts


  1. Multimedia projects relating to human rights

Includes (but not limited to) photos, film, studio art


Here are the dates for submitting material:


  1. Complete submissions (and senior project proposals) are due Monday, May 5th
  2. If accepted, edited senior project excerpts due Monday, May 19th
  3. Journal published online on Thursday, May 22nd


The selection process will be conducted by an open student editorial board, in which all students are welcomed, and contributors are encouraged to participate. All submissions will be anonymous when reviewed. Those interested in being a part of the editorial team should reach out to us now.


All submissions should be sent to Further questions or comments should be sent to this address. The Draft is fledgling project, so we avidly encourage suggestions and participation.


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